Guatemala Yoga Retreat

Led By Roni Yaari

January 5th-12th 2019

A place to relax and explore


Join us for 7 life changing nights of yoga, healing, and adventure on the beautiful shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala!

Walk out of your room every morning to breathe in the magic of nature surrounding you; sun shimmering on the water, a breeze gently rusting the trees, the silhouette of volcanos in the distance. Nourish your body with fresh, mouthwateringly delicious vegan meals. Relax and rejuvenate with daily yoga, trance dance, and meditation in styles specific to each day’s adventures within our own private, sacred space overlooking the lake. Enrich yourself in sacred ceremonies and trips to experience the life and culture of local Maya communities. Explore jungles, mountains, and villages on hikes for a variety of fitness levels and experience. Allow Roni to hold space for you, whether yours is a journey of healing, self-discovery, exploration, or something left to be discovered. We cannot wait to share this journey together.

Note from Roni about Dhamma/Dharma:

What makes our retreats unique is our dedication to remaining connected to service. As we allow ourselves to receive the beauty of the lands we visit, having been maintained by the local people, we always aim to demonstrate our gratitude by giving back. 10% of profits from all retreats will be donated to local projects and organizations working to serve members of their community. Many of our trips will also include donating a few hours of our trip to do something to bring a smile to others in some way, such as a performance or activity with local children, maintaining an active cultural exchange, giving ours as we receive theirs. Keep an eye out for updates and details on the chosen organization for each retreat!

What's Included

What's Included:


        • 7 Night Accommodation at the beautiful lakefront property of Villa Sumaya. All rooms face the water!





    • 3 delicious, nutrient packed meals each day



    • Unlimited coffee, tea, water



    • Shuttle bus and boat between airport and lodging



    • Daily yoga, meditation, trance dance in styles complimenting each day’s activities



    • Mayan Fire Ceremony- The first morning after we arrive, a Mayan spiritual guide will share a traditional Mayan Day Count Fire Ceremony with our group. You will be encouraged to participate in the ceremony which will include the building of a fire in the age old Mayan tradition using herbs, chocolate, colored candles, cinnamon, myrrh and copal (tree resin).



    • Cacao Ceremony- Journey home to your heart with Xicoy, the Cacao Spirit, one of the most playful spiritual guides in ancient Mayan cosmology. The Mayans have used Cacao in ceremony for thousands of years to connect with their hearts. We invite you to do the same in this Ceremony steeped in ritual and reflective heart circle meditation. Be warned: your heart will expand beyond your imagination leading to pure bliss, laughter, joy, allowing for more of who you are to shine!



    • Kayaking Adventure- For kayak enthusiasts and hikers, this trip can be the perfect way to spend a day. You’ll begin from the Villa Sumaya dock and paddle to San Marcos (1 to 1.5 hours). Walk around the village and eat your packed lunch or dine at a café. You can either take a public boat back to our center or embark on a three-hour hike with your guide back to Villa Sumaya. This hike is moderately challenging, covering rough terrain. Includes kayak rental. Rates vary by choice of hike or boat back, and amount of people attending.


Visit a village to experience local culture. Choice of:


        • Santiago- This tour begins with a scenic boat ride across the lake to Santiago. You will visit Maximon, the patron saint and mysterious Mayan spiritual figurehead of Santiago. See a variety of primitive paintings, beadwork and handcrafted woodwork as you learn the fascinating history of Santiago while visiting historic sites. This is one of our most popular guided tours, offering a rare and fascinating insight into this proud and independent village and the life of the modern Maya





    • San Juan- Take in the fine art of the naturally-dyed and exquisitely handcrafted goods created by the talented Maya who inhabit this quaint, clean village. Exploring the weaving and art cooperatives that this pueblo is famous for. You will visit a medicinal herb garden and a trendy leather shop. This excursion is an excellent shopping opportunity, as well as a chance to learn about the artisan crafts of this unique village.


Optional Add Ons:

Nature hike to explore pieces of this beautiful country. Choice between:


        • San Pedro Volcano ClimbIf you love adventure, the climb to the top of Volcano San Pedro is remarkable. The trip begins early in the morning with a to-go breakfast and a boat ride across the lake with your guide. The hike up to this majestic peak takes about 4- 5 hours. You will eat your packed lunch perched in the heavens of Lake Atitlan. After your well-deserved break, you will descend for 2-3 hours back to the lake. Your boat will transport you back to Villa Sumaya. This activity is only for those who are in excellent shape. It is much more than a casual walk; the ascending climb is equivalent to hundreds of sets of stairs.





    • Hike to El Pico de CieloEl Pico de Cielo is 8,200 feet above sea level. This hike offers two options to suit different levels of fitness. The more rigorous hike starts from Santa Cruz La Laguna. Alternatively, you may take a boat to Panajachel and then a pick-up truck to the trailhead for a 45 minute walk to the vista point. (Most guests opt for the latter.) You will meet families along the way, affording an authentic understanding of the Mayan way of life. Once hikers have reached the vista point, they will eat their packed lunch while gazing at a spectacular view of the Atitlan basin below.


Daily Kayak Rental:


        •  Single Kayak $17/day





    • Double Kayak $27/day


Spa Treatments:


        • $75/hour





    • $100/1.5 hours



    • $130/ 2 hours



Villa Sumaya is a natural sanctuary where one can explore wisdom practices, unwind and relax away from the demands of modern life. A journey to Guatemala is an adventure! Witnessing the Mayan way of life and the stunning views at Lake Atitlan is delightfully inspiring. Don’t forget to leave time for resting, reading and meditating in our lush gardens! Harmony Spa, our on-site wellness center, offers an abundant array of services provided by our experienced and gifted therapists at affordable prices. Services range from therapeutic massage to energy healing to esoteric readings. There is something for everyone!

About Roni
Roni Hands

It is often said of Roni that she has the wisdom of a woman and the soul of a child. And as such, combined with her artistic talents, her insights, and her relentless pursuit of the practical truth, she is truly a unique character.  While she is a self-taught dancer, painter, and in general an artist regardless of the media, she has also developed an uncanny awareness and understanding of our physical and mental selves, starting as a child, which she has always felt compelled to share with those around her. It is not uncommon to find her doing carpentry, putting up Moroccan tents, or chopping wood as she runs off to teach a meditation or yoga class which comes just as naturally and which she has always understood instinctively.

Being around her is enticingly contagious and equally mysterious.  After meeting her for the first time, you may find yourself on a stepladder hanging fabric and Middle Eastern ornaments on a tent that she put up herself, not quite sure exactly how you got there.   Although after one look at her grateful, angelical face with that sincere and loving smile, you realize that you are exactly where you should be. After traveling the world she began teaching classes at the age of 24, and by 2006 took over as the owner of Inner Spirit Yoga Center in East Northport, New York. To this day Inner Spirit serving the community, through healing events and donation based classes.

There is no shortage of teachers who have studied for hundreds of hours and who have taken countless different classes, but there is definitely a shortage of teachers who were born with the insights and awareness that yoga tries to instill in all of us, and who also have the passion and desire to share that with the world around them.  There is definitely a shortage of teachers who actually “live” yoga and don’t just “do”  yoga, and who have the ability to pass that on to others by inspiring them through personal example and their own way of being.  This is who Roni is, and this is what her students have come to expect from both her and the center.

“My ultimate goal is to reach peace and to assist others in doing the same. I believe it is critical for us to understand and to take full responsibility and ownership for our emotions, end always treat others with the same kindness and compassion we desire for ourselves. Viewing the world in a positive light is an empowering choice that we must constantly choose- one that can transform our lives. For years, I have had the privilege of sharing these life-altering principles and techniques with my students, both at home and abroad, in the hope that they will spread that love and understanding wherever their lives take them.” –Roni Yaari

You can experience one of her many classes (Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Meditation, Sound Healing, & more) at Inner Spirit. Keep an eye out for upcoming retreats, workshops, seminars, and teacher trainings for a one of a kind journey of healing and self-discovery led by Roni!

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