Roni YaariOwner & Yoga Instructor

It is often said of Roni that she has the wisdom of a woman and the soul of a child. And as such, combined with her artistic talents, her insights, and her relentless pursuit of the practical truth, she is truly a unique character.  While she is a self-taught dancer, painter, and in general an artist regardless of the media, she has also developed an uncanny awareness and understanding of our physical and mental selves, starting as a child, which she has always felt compelled to share with those around her.

It is not uncommon to find her doing carpentry, putting up Moroccan tents, or chopping wood as she runs off to teach a meditation or yoga class which comes just as naturally and which she has always understood instinctively.  Being around her is enticingly contagious and equally mysterious.  After meeting her for the first time, you may find yourself on a stepladder hanging fabric and Middle Eastern ornaments on a tent that she put up herself, not quite sure exactly how you got there.   Although after one look at her grateful, angelical face with that sincere and loving smile, you realize that you are exactly where you should be.

After traveling the world she began teaching classes at the age of 24, and by 2006 took over as the owner of Inner Spirit Yoga Center in East Northport, New York. To this day Inner Spirit serving the community, through healing events and donation based classes.

There is no shortage of teachers who have studied for hundreds of hours and who have taken countless different classes, but there is definitely a shortage of teachers who were born with the insights and awareness that yoga tries to instill in all of us, and who also have the passion and desire to share that with the world around them.  There is definitely a shortage of teachers who actually “live” yoga and don’t just “do”  yoga, and who have the ability to pass that on to others by inspiring them through personal example and their own way of being.  This is who Roni is, and this is what her students have come to expect from both her and the center.

  “My ultimate goal is to reach peace and to assist others in doing the same. I believe it is critical for us to understand and to take full responsibility and ownership for our emotions, end always treat others with the same kindness and compassion we desire for ourselves. Viewing the world in a positive light is an empowering choice that we must constantly choose- one that can transform our lives. For years, I have had the privilege of sharing these life-altering principles and techniques with my students, both at home and abroad, in the hope that they will spread that love and understanding wherever their lives take them.” –Roni Yaari

You can experience one of her many classes (Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Meditation, Sound Healing, & more) at Inner Spirit. Keep an eye out for upcoming retreats, workshops, seminars, and teacher trainings for a one of a kind journey of healing and self-discovery led by Roni!




Roni’s Classes

8:45am Intermediate Vinyasa Flow
10:15am Yoga Alignment
6:00pm All Levels Vinyasa Flow
7:30pm Meditation

7:30pm Yin Yoga

8:45am Hatha w/Core Integration
6:00pm All Levels Vinyasa

12:00pm Express Noon Flow

9:00am All Levels Hatha Yoga


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