Roni YaariOwner & Yoga Instructor

Yoga has always been an instinctual practice for Roni. The connection of movement and breath was a natural way of stretching for her. As her practice continued and her learning of yoga grew deeper she found that yoga was not just a way to loosen muscles but that it was a way of life. The focus she found in her physical practice brought self awareness and balance into her daily life.

As a teacher Roni wishes to share the benefits of self awareness with her students. Roni incorporates discussions in her yoga classes that originate in the philosophies of yoga and how they pertain to everyday life. The students get involved in the discussions, sharing from their own lives and as each student shares their personal experiences it enhances the lives of the others in the room.


Roni’s Classes

8:45am Intermediate Vinyasa Flow
10:15am Yoga Alignment
6:00pm All Levels Vinyasa Flow
Parent’s Yoga Series (See Workshops Page)

7:30pm Yin Yoga

8:45am Hatha w/Core Integration
10:15am Power Vinyasa
6:00pm All Levels Vinyasa

12:00pm Express Noon Flow

9:00am All Levels Hatha Yoga