Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Workshop

During this workshop Kaitlyn will guide you on your own healing journey though balancing the 7 chakras in the body and relaxing the nervous system. When our chakras are balanced, one’s life becomes more fulfilled physically, emotionally and spiritually.
The sound and vibration the bowls emit help to balance our own frequency. When our frequency is not in harmony it can lead to “dis-ease” energy in the body that can make us physically ill or mentally depressed, and restricts our ability to live to our highest potential.
These bowls effectively transmit their soothing and peaceful vibrations and tones through our water body affecting our entire nervous and immune system.
We invite you to allow your body and mind to let go, and bathe in the vibrational sound of these magical bowls.
Sunday, June 11th
$25 in advance, $30 at door