Wild Woman Awakening: Breath Work & Ecstatic Dance

Join the Wild Woman Awakening Community led by Bianca Lotus to uncover and honor your radiant being of light and love through sound, ecstatic dance, movement, and real talk…

We haven’t lost her, we have only forgotten.
The Wild Woman is the part of us that desires to be unapologetically seen, felt, heard, and loved. When she is unleashed and fully expressed her beauty, radiance, and light is undeniable. The Wild Woman is authentic and true wherever she chooses to go.

This workshop has 2 upcoming dates for you to join us!

**Thursday, November 14th at 8pm

Early Bird Pricing available through November 11th: $25
Pricing from Nov 12-Date of Event: $30

**Thursday, December 12th at 8pm

Early Bird Pricing available through December 9th: $30
Pricing from December 10-Date of Event: $30


Space is limited!  We ask that you kindly enroll early!


To enroll & pay online, please click HERE

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