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"We are the only ones who can choose to bring ourselves from darkness to light. Wishing us health, love, peace, joy in harmony. Wishing we find cures to all diseases, that there will be peace among all, and we will be free of all suffering. Let’s take this peaceful moment, spread it and share it with our family, friends, and strangers with love, compassion, and gratitude.

May we all be happy.

Om Shanti. Om Peace.”


Inner Spirit Yoga

Inner Spirit Yoga


Roni Yaari was my first yoga instructor and one of the most influential mentors in my life thus far. At the age of 16, I was fortunate enough to meet Roni at Inner spirit and it started me on a path of mindfulness, self awareness and my own journey of becoming a yoga instructor which has changed my life immeasurably. Roni’s classes were always rooted in authentic Yoga philosophy and explained in a beautiful and conversation way that even a young kid could appreciate and understand the deep meaning. The physical practice was led with great attention to detail and specially crafted to create an engaging class for practitioners of all levels and abilities. Roni’s adjustments and assists always shed so much light on the nuances of the poses and helped me advance my asana practice exponentially over the years.
Outside of her being my introduction to Yoga, Roni also opened many doors for me and provided a sense of community that I had not previously had. She hosted retreats at the studio and shabbat dinners, offered fun and interesting work opportunities and shared the abundance that she cultivated in her garden. One of Roni’s many gifts is her ability to bring people together and spread joy through her infectious spirit. She is an incredibly hardworking, committed and multi-talented holistic artist that positively affects all the people she meets and the spaces she inhabits. She is a true inspiration and a powerful embodiment of the essence of Yoga. Wherever she goes, she is on a mission to make an impact and I look forward to seeing how her life continues to expand and transform in this new chapter.
Dan Ingram - Yoga Teacher
At a time when I felt my life was falling apart I started yoga and met Roni Yaari. She quickly became my friend, teacher and mentor. Since the beginning of my yoga journey she has introduced me to body awareness through physical practice, spirit with meditation and improved nutrition. Under her patient tutorage Roni has challenged me to find an inner connection by combining exercise, mind and breath. My past injuries seemed to melt away over time. All I had to do was show up and magic appeared in every classes. I never left a single class dry or with an ounce of tension left in my body. As a result, I became stronger, more flexible, lost weight and gained confident. All pain and stress disappeared. I can’t thank Roni enough for changing my life for the better.
Hayes C.

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