Bianca Fischer

Bianca was born and raised a New Yorker on Long Island.  She was a shy little girl who immersed herself into the lyrics, melodies, and harmonies of her favorite songs.  She fell in love with Broadway show tunes, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion, as well as, The Eagles, The Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac.  When Bianca was in 6th Grade, her chorus teacher, Judy Leopold, pointed out that she had a ‘stand-out’ voice and she needed to audition for the concert solo. Shocked and in disbelief, Bianca thought long and hard about this proposition.  It took a lot of courage for this little girl, but she rose to the challenge and auditioned.  Bianca got the solo and from then on, she couldn’t be stopped.  She loved the stage because for her it was a place she could be whoever she wanted to be, she was free in those moments.  She dove deep into musical theater and the arts, playing the leading roles in many musicals.

Later in her career she began to struggle with Asthma.  Her vocal coach, at the time, suggested she take yoga classes and eliminate dairy from her diet to help her breathing and overall health. Being the good student that she is, she didn’t question his authority and jumped right in with two feet.  She began a consistent yoga practice in Bikram Yoga, took out the dairy from her diet, and started juicing fruits and vegetables.  After about a month of this practice, Bianca felt energized, stopped suffering from her usual sinus infections and her breathing improved tremendously.  It wasn’t long after, Bianca became very passionate about the healing powers of yoga and conscious consumption.  She quickly enrolled herself into her first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 where she learned more about her Self and this very powerful practice that seemed to have found her.  This training changed her life forever.

Since, she has studied, practiced, and shared the art of yoga.  She was given the opportunity to study with Roni Yaari of Inner Spirit Yoga- a person she can now call her best friend.  From there she became a leader and community driver at LifePower Yoga in Syosset.  Bianca has led several 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings and has traveled the country and other parts of the world sharing the ancient wisdom of yoga.  She has sat two 10- day Vipassana Meditation Retreats, once while she was 7 months pregnant with her daughter, Angelina.  She has been through Landmark Education, another game-changer as she sees it.  She is currently holding space and driving, conscious community at Gritty Buddha in Glen Cove, her hub for sharing yoga, meditation, conscious action, and good karma.  Bianca lives a Vegan Lifestyle in hopes that her choices will make a positive difference in her health, our environment, and the lives of other sentient beings.  She is currently training to become a Health Coach with Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Her call to action is to share the art of yoga through Bhakti, or devotional yoga meaning to approach all experiences with love.  She believes God is Love and Love is God.  Chanting to the higher source has opened up Bianca’s heart and helps her realize that we are all One under God and thanks her teachers at Laughing Lotus NYC for opening her up to the world of Bhakti.  Bianca is feeling especially grateful to her family for the love and support they’ve given to her to help make her dream to serve yoga around the world, a reality.


Vinyasa Flow (all Levels)

Fridays 8:45 am – 10:00 am