mommy and me yoga

Join our Mama & Baby Classes to further bond with your baby and bond with other new mothers!

Come as you are to this safe, inviting environment.  We welcome you to bring in your newborn to        pre-crawler.  No prior experience with yoga is necessary to join our Mama & Baby classes!

Take the time to socialize with other new moms through practice and shared experiences.  You will come to find that you are not alone in your concerns and experiences!  Use this quality time to relax and renew, bringing you and your child closer together.

Practicing yoga after childbirth is one of the best possible ways for new moms to begin activity, relieve stress, as well as calm and nourish your body.  Mama & Baby yoga is a playful, healthy choice for new mothers.

  • Rebuild strength with a focus on core and pelvic muscles.
  • Work on and regain your flexibility, muscle tone, and focus.
  • Lower stress levels by caring for your body and easing any new parent worries.

Introducing your new baby to yoga has numerous benefits as well.

  • Practice may quiet a fussy or colicky baby.
  • Most babies love the soothing movement during class and it can help your baby sleep better.
  • Yoga classes may establish a foundation for a healthy, life-long habit of exercise.

Please bring in whatever you need to make this experience a comfortable one… toys, baby blanket, etc.  We want this to be a special time for you and your baby!  However, we do ask that you please consult with your physician prior to practice.

Mama & Baby classes meet on Wednesdays from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

To enroll online for a 4 week series of classes, please click HERE