Tuscany Yoga Retreat

July 15th – 22nd, 2020

Led By Roni Yaari & Stephanie Torres


Join us for 7 nights of rest and relaxation in the beautiful Tuscan countryside...

Spend a week surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of the Tuscan countryside, nourishing body, mind, and spirit. Slow down and take a break from stress and every day pressures, and experience life as the Italians do.

Awaken daily with yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Enjoy delicious vegan meals made on site with mouthwateringly fresh, local produce, and take a cooking class to learn how to make them for yourself!  Of course, no trip to Italy would be complete without a tour of a 15th century castle and sampling their very own wines and olive oils.

Our venue, Il Grandeprato located in Castelfiorentino, Italy is ideally situated between the cities of Florence, Pisa and Sienna. We highly suggest using one of our open schedule days to hop on a train and explore this beautiful country! You will be at most of them within an hour. A balance between free time and scheduled group activities means there will be plenty of opportunity to make this retreat your own.

A yoga retreat like none you’ve ever attended...

It is our understanding that the practice of Yoga goes far beyond exercise. It is a guide for living a meaningful and purpose filled life. Asana (the physical postures) are only 1 of the Eight Limbs of yoga. Our retreats offer a beautiful opportunity to stretch the mind, looking inward to see how our outer experiences stimulate our minds.

We encourage you to be flexible on our yoga retreats. Challenge yourself by being an adventurer and traveling to see nearby sights on a whim. Or maybe your challenge is learning to slow down and go with the flow, allowing yourself to rest surrounded by the beauty of nature around you. Our work is done both inside and out, and sometimes you will only discover what yours is in the moment.

Be open, be flexible, and be free!

Note from Roni about Dhamma/Dharma...

What makes our retreats unique is our dedication to remaining connected to service. As we allow ourselves to receive the beauty of the lands we visit, having been maintained by the local people, we always aim to demonstrate our gratitude by giving back. 10% of profits from all retreats will be donated to local projects and organizations working to serve members of their community. Many of our trips will also include donating a few hours of our trip to do something to bring a smile to others in some way, such as a performance or activity with local children, maintaining an active cultural exchange, giving ours as we receive theirs. Keep an eye out for updates and details on the chosen organization for each retreat!

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